We sustainably source sensationally fresh® produce directly from our grower partners to secure a consistent, seasonless supply of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and specialties to supply our customers who serve a dynamic base of discriminating chefs, discerning buyers and adventurous consumers. Our core stock list comprises a wide variety of conventional and certified organic fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables and specialties, yet we have the ability to source on demand from virtually around the globe.


Asparagus • White Asparagus
French Beans • Yellow Wax Beans
Green Beans • Bok Choy • Baby Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts • Hot House Cucumbers
Persian Cucumbers • Chines Eggplant
Red Belgian Endive • White Belgian Endive
Fennel/Anise • Shiitake Mushrooms
Snow Peas • Sugar Snap Peas
Veggie Sweet Peppers • Shallots
Daikon Radish Sprouts • Baby Green Zucchini Squash
Baby Patty Pan Squash • Baby Sunburst Squash
Chayote Squash • Tomatillos


Dried Tomatoes
Mixed Baby Heirloom Tomatoes
Red Teardrop Tomatoes
Yellow Teardrop Tomatoes
Yellow Tomatoes


Asian Pears • Baby Fuji Apples
Baby Gala Apples • Baby Granny Apples
Blackberries • Blood Orange Citrus
Blueberries • Deglet Noor Dates
Green Kiwi • Hawaiian Papayas
Mangoes • Medjool Dates
Pomegranates • Pomegranate Arils
Green Thai Papayas


Basil • Opal Basil
Thai Basil • Bay Leaf
Chervil • Chives
Cilantro • Dill
Epazote • Lemongrass
Marjoram • Mint
Oregano • Italian Parsley
Rosemary • Tarragon


Artisan Mixed • Stem Arugula
Baby Iceberg • Baby Lola Rosa
Baby Mixed • Baby Green Oak
Baby Red Oak • Baby Green Romaine
Baby Tango • Boston Hydro
Frisee • Blonde Frisee
Sweet Gem Hearts • Radicchio
Upland Cress Hydro Living Watercress
Iced Watercress


ORG Green Kale
ORG Kale Salad Mix


Orange Habanero
Red Fresno


Candy Beets • Baby Candy Beets • Gold Beets
Baby Gold Beets • Red Beets • Baby Red Beets
Baby Mixed Beets • Mixed Carrots
Baby Mixed Carrots • Baby Orange Carrots
Baby Peeled Rainbow Carrots • Baby Peeled Cali Carrots
Baby Peeled MX Carrots • Celery Root
Daikon Root • Black Garlic • Peeled Garlic
Whole Ginger • Horseradish Root • Jicama
Cipollini Onions • Peeled Cipollini Onions
Parsnips • Watermelon Radish
Rutabaga • Sunchokes • Turmeric
Turnips • Baby Turnips • Yuca Root


Mixed Finger Potatoes
Russian Banana Finger Potatoes
Purple Potatoes
Red Potatoes
White Potatoes


ORG Basil • ORG Chives
ORG Dill • ORG Marjoram
ORG Mint • ORG Oregano
ORG Rosemary • ORG Sage
ORG Tarragon • ORG Thyme
ORG French Beans • ORG Kale
ORG Kale Salad Mix • ORG Butternut Squash
ORG Sweet Potatoes • ORG Brown Beech Mushrooms
ORG White Beech Mushrooms • ORG Maitake Mushrooms
ORG King Oyster Mushrooms
ORG Cultivated Mixed Mushrooms