Our mission is to sustainably source and sell high quality, sensationally fresh® conventional and organic fruits, herbs, vegetables and specialties from our local and global grower partners.


We sustainably source sensationally fresh produce directly from our grower partners to secure a consistent, seasonless supply of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and specialties.


Our roots are deeply grounded in the foodservice industry providing discriminating chefs and discerning buyers with exceptional quality conventional, organic, and seasonal produce.


We’ve curated quite a collection of sensational recipes that feature fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs as the star ingredient. As plant-based diets are becoming the new normal, our recipe section provides both vegetarians and flexitarians new and seasonal ideas to build your culinary repertoire at home, at work, and when entertaining.





Looking for inspiration?  Discover tasty recipes using our sensationally fresh ingredients!


The New Vegetable Pizza

A picture is worth a thousand words. But we want to add a few: Pizza sales in restaurants have never been better and gourmet pizzas are at the top of price point and profitability. Adding vegetables elevates the pizza and helps to diminish the carb guilt. So we’ve heard.

Perennial or Quintessential?

Yes, that is the question. Everyone loves carrots; but peeling not so much. In this case, we’ve done the work for you. Baby peeled carrots are ready to eat as is and ready to prepare. And they taste as wonderful as they look. Easy-peasy.

Eat Your Vegetables At Lunch

More than one half of consumers say they are eating more fruits and vegetables for better health and nutrition. Boomers are lessening meat intake while millennials are opting for plant-based diets.

Heirloom Treasures

Bruschetta with tomatoes is ubiquitous. Stepping-up an operator menu would list Marinated Baby Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta. Adding burrata cheese listed in the recipe could command a special or LTO price while providing your customers that seasonal, fresh and flavorful experience.

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